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How Fluentd fits into the Modern Software Landscape

In case you missed it, here is Phil Wilkins’ live Twitch coding stream recap. For more, check out the book: Logging in Action. For more live coding streams, subscribe to Manning’s Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/manningpublications

Scaling Streaming Systems

In this video, Josh Fischer explains what it takes for a Streaming System to help you scale-up stream processing in Java.

How Streams Relate to Database Tables in Kafka

From Kafka Streams in Action by Bill Bejeck

In this article, we’re going to look deeper into adding state. Along the way, we’ll get introduced to new abstraction, the Ktable, after which we will move further on to discuss how event streams and database tables relate to one another in ApacheKafka (Kstream and Ktable, respectively).

Constructing a Yelling App with Kafka Streams

From Kafka Streams in Action by Bill Bejeck

This article will quickly get you off the ground and show you how Kafka Streams works. We’re going to make a toy application that takes incoming messages and upper-cases the text of those messages, effectively yelling at anyone who reads the message. This application is called the “Yelling Application”.

Why Should you Embrace the Unified Log?


From Event Streams in Action

By Alexander Dean

Systems Monitoring and the Unified Log

From Event Streams in Action by Alexander Dean

In this article we generate a simple stream of events related to systems monitoring.


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