Solving Real-World Geodata Problems

From PostGIS in Action, Third Edition by Leo S. Hsu and Regina O. Obe

What can R do for you?

From R in Action by Robert I. Kabacoff

How to manage a successful AI project

From Succeeding with AI by Veljko Krunic

Data Compression with Huffman’s Algorithm

From Algorithms and Data Structures in Action by Marcello La Rocca

This article discusses Huffman’s Algorithm: what it is and what you can do with it.

Exploring Data with R: get started today!

From Exploring Data with R by Richard Iannone

Deep Learning for Image-Like Data

From Probabilistic Deep Learning with Python by Oliver Dürr, Beate Sick, and Elvis Murina

This article discusses using deep learning for data that act like images.

The Beauty of Natural Language Processing

From Machine Learning for Business by Doug Hudgeon and Richard Nichol

This article explores the amazing potential of natural language processing and some of its associated difficulties.

Zero to AI

From Zero to AI by Nicolo Valigi and Gianluca Mauro

Why Choose Azure for Data Engineering?

From Azure Data Engineering by Richard Nuckolls

This article delves into Azure’s tools for data engineering and why you should consider using them.

Packing Your Knapsack for a Trip to Mars

From Algorithms and Data Structures in Action by Marcello La Rocca

You’ve been selected to be among the first people to colonize Mars! Now you have to pack the optimal amount of food to get the most calories per kilogram—how can algorithms help?

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