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Converting Pure Deep Learning with PyTorch to Use Lightning and Hangar

In this video, machine learning expert Eli Stevens showcases how to use open-source libraries that are available in the PyTorch ecosystem to cut down the amount of the code that you want to write.

Hands-On Deep Learning Model Training

In this video, we join deep learning advocate Mark Ryan on his tour into training the model and running experiments.

Essential Tools for Deep Learning and Data Science

Learn the most important tools in the repertoire of a data scientist and machine learning practitioner – Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) – with the help of Krishnendu Chaudhury.

Automatic Differentiation in Python and PyTorch

Deep dive with Carl Osipov into understanding automatic differentiation used by PyTorch autograd for deep learning

Data Speaker Series: Kevin Ferguson on AlphaGo Zero

Kevin Ferguson, co-author of Deep Learning and the Game of Go, was our latest Data Speaker Series guest. He talked about how AlphaGo Zero combines tree search and reinforcement learning in a novel way.

Free ebook: Exploring Deep Learning


Chapters selected by Andrew Trask

Applying Deep Learning to Structured Data

From Deep Learning with Structured Data by Mark Ryan

Zero to AI

From Zero to AI by Nicolo Valigi and Gianluca Mauro

Applied Natural Language Processing

From Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara


A New Approach to Deep Learning

From Probabilistic Deep Learning with Python by Oliver Dürr, Beate Sick, and Elvis Murina


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