Rediscover the Joy in Coding: learn F#!

From F# in Action by Isaac Abraham

Are you a software developer who is interested in F# and what it can do? If so, this book is for you!

This article details what F# is, how it works, and what this book will teach you about using it.

When to Unit Test in F#

From Get Programming with F# by Isaac Abraham

This article provides an overview of different “levels” of unit testing, and how and where they’re appropriate in F#. We’ll also discuss different forms of unit testing practices, including test driven development (TDD).

Modelling State in F#

From Get Programming with F# by Isaac Abraham

This article explores working with mutable data structures to create objects and modify their state through operations.

Composing a Set of Simple Collection Operations to build a more Complex Query Pipeline.

From Get Programming with F#


Visualizing Folds and Aggregations with an Example Summation of Numbers.

From Get Programming with F#


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