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Chapters selected by Eric Windmill

Building an App for the Farmer’s Market

From Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

Learn a bit about using Flutter by learning about routing in a Farmer’s Market application.

All about Flutter Widgets

From Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

This article is a crash course on widgets in Flutter.

From Web Dev to Mobile Dev Overnight

Six Questions for Eric Windmill, author of Flutter in Action

Eric Windmill is a Dart developer at AppTree, a PaaS company in Portland, Oregon. He writes frequently about his favorite programming technologies, including Flutter, an SDK from Google for building cross-platform mobile apps with Dart. You can find his articles at Flutter By Example, CSS Tricks, and EricWindmill.com. He also has his Sommelier certification and has worked in bourbon distilleries in his home state of Kentucky.

Native Mobile Apps Are Easier than Ever!


From Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

Revolutionary Cross-Platform Apps with Flutter

From Flutter in Action
By Eric Windmill

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