functional programming

How does FRP work?

By Stephen Blackheath and Anthony Jones, authors of Functional Reactive Programming
This article introduces functional reactive programming and explains what problems it solves, why those problems need to be solved and how it solves them.

How does FRP work? (PDF)

Defining Functional Data Structures

Functional programs do not update variables or modify data structures. This raises pressing questions—what sort of data structures we use in functional programming, how do we define them can in Scala, and how do we operate over these data structures? This article, based on chapter 3 of Functional Programming in Scala, explains the concept of a functional data structure and how to define and work with such structures.

Defining Functional Data Structures (PDF)

Functional Programming in .NET

Real­-World Functional Programming in .NET by Tomáš Petříček Functional programming languages have been around for a while and were always astonishing for their ability to express the ideas in a succinct, declarative way allowing the developer to focus on the… Continue Reading →

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