functional programming

The Foundations of Functional Concurrency

From Concurrency in .NET by Riccardo Terrell

In this article, we discuss the need for concurrency, common issues specific to developing concurrent applications in either imperative or object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming, and why the functional programming paradigm is ideal for solving common concurrency issues.

Type-Level Functions: calculating types

From Type-Driven Development with Idris by Edwin Brady

In Idris, types and expressions are part of the same language and you use the same syntax for both. This article talks about type-level functions in Idris and how expressions can appear in types.


A First Example of Dependent Data Types

From Type-Driven Development with Idris by Edwin Brady

In this article, you will learn about defining dependent data types and defining vectors with Idris.

Exploring the memoize Function

From Clojure: The Essential Reference by Renzo Borgatti

In this article we will explore some concrete examples of the many uses and intricacies of the memoize function from the Clojure standard library.

Interactive Editing in Atom

From Type-Driven Development with Idris by Edwin Brady

In this article, we’ll begin writing some complex Idris functions, using its interactive editing features to develop those functions, step by step, in a type-directed way. We’ll use the Atom text editor, because there’s an extension available for editing Idris programs, which can be installed directly from the default Atom distribution. This article assumes you have the interactive Idris mode up and running.

The Essential Reference for the Clojure Standard Library

From Clojure: The Essential Reference by Renzo Borgatti

The standard library is one of the most important tools to master a language. One aspect that characterizes the standard library is the fact that it’s already packaged with a language when you first experiment with it. Interestingly, it doesn’t get the amount of attention you’d expect for such an easy-to-reach tool. This article will show you how much wisdom and potential is hidden inside the Clojure standard library.

Modelling State in F#

From Get Programming with F# by Isaac Abraham

This article explores working with mutable data structures to create objects and modify their state through operations.

The Guide to the Clojure Standard Library

From Clojure: The Essential Reference by Renzo Borgatti

Handling User Input with the Elm Architecture

From Elm in Action by Richard Feldman

This article gives a concrete example of the Elm Architecture and how it works that you can follow along with.

Functional Programming in C#: purity and concurrency

From Functional Programming in C# by Enrico Buonanno

In this article, I’ll use a simple example that illustrates why pure functions should be your weapon of choice when writing code for parallel and, more generally, concurrent execution.

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