functional programming

Composing a Set of Simple Collection Operations to build a more Complex Query Pipeline.

From Get Programming with F#


Visualizing Folds and Aggregations with an Example Summation of Numbers.

From Get Programming with F#


Make Developing for the Web Fun Again

From Elm in Action

By Richard Feldman

Learning Haskell: first class functions

From Get Programming with Haskell by Will Kurt

This article discusses first class functions in Haskell.

Javascript Functors Explained

From Functional Programming in JavaScript by Luis Atencio

A functor is a sort of interface that defines a behavior. In this article I will explain just what this means.

Merging two Binary Search Trees

From Functional Programming in Java
Merging two Binary Search Trees

Stack safe recursion in Java

By Pierre-Yves Saumont

In this article, excerpted from the book Functional Programming in Java, I explain how to use recursion while avoiding the risk of a StackOverflow Exception.

What is Functional Programming?

By Luis Atencio
Functional programming is a software development style with emphasis on the use functions. It requires you to think a bit differently about how to approach tasks you are facing. In this article, based on the book Functional Programming in JavaScript, I will introduce you to the topic of functional programming.

What is Functional Programming? (PDF)

Generating Random Numbers in a Referentially Transparent Way

From Functional Programming in Java
Functional Programming in Java Diagram

How does FRP work?

By Stephen Blackheath and Anthony Jones, authors of Functional Reactive Programming
This article introduces functional reactive programming and explains what problems it solves, why those problems need to be solved and how it solves them.

How does FRP work? (PDF)

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