Learning Go via Pocket-Sized Projects

This book is intended to get you up to speed with Go by using it in a series of immediately useful, small-scale projects. If you’re a developer who’s interested in learning Go and doing in a fast and practical way, read on!

Modern Concurrency with Go

This excerpt covers:

  • Introducing concurrent programming
  • Improving performance with concurrent execution
  • Scaling our programs
  • Why you should choose Go for concurrency

The Guide to Go

From Go in Action, Second Edition by William Kennedy and Andrew Walker

This book will help you master Go language fundamentals, learn how to structure Go projects effectively, and deliver high-performance code using Go’s powerful concurrency model.

Read on to see how.

Learn to Build Production-Grade Microservices with gRPC and Go

An excerpt from gRPC Microservices in Go by Hüseyin Babal This excerpt covers: § Introducing Go gRPC Microservices § Comparing gRPC with REST § Understanding when to use gRPC § Better understanding of gRPC microservices with production-grade use-cases Read it… Continue Reading →

Learn Go: An Introduction to Types

From Get Programming with Go By Nathan Youngman

This article is an introduction to types in the Go programming language.

Parsing and Creating JSON with Go

From Go Web Programming by Sau Sheong Chang

In this article I will talk about parsing JSON and how to create JSON data.

Go Web Programming: defending against XSS attacks

From Go Web Programming by Sau Sheong Chang

In this article I show you how to create an HTML form that allows you to submit data to your web application and place it in a form.html file.

Go: An Introduction to Types

By Nathan Youngman

In this article, excerpted from Learn Go, I will introduce you to the concept of types in Go.

Integers Wrap around because the Last 1 that Was Carried Has Nowhere else to Go.

From Get Programming with Go
Integers wrap around because the last 1 that was carried has nowhere to go

Binary Addition is like Ordinary Decimal Addition, except with only 0’s and 1’s.

From Get Programming with Go
Binary addition is like ordinary decimal addition, except with only 0's and 1's.

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