Go: A practical introduction to slices

By Brian Ketelsen, Erik St. Martin, and William Kennedy, authors of Go in Action
With Go, there are several ways you can store your data in memory. Some of these concepts may be familiar to you already like Arrays, and Maps; although, they may work slightly differently than you’re used to. But others, like slices, might be a completely new concept. In this article, we’ll introduce slices and talk about what they let you do.

Go: A practical introduction to slices (PDF)

Why Go?

Go is a new general purpose programming language that aims to be simple and efficient. It’s designed with large applications in mind, but also knows that large applications usually begin life as small applications. In short, it’s a language that scales. This article, based on Go in Action, discusses at a high level how Go helps programmers build software, especially as it compares to other popular languages.

Why Go? (PDF)

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