Creating a simple tracer plugin/addon

This article is taken from the book Griffon in Action. The authors discuss creating a plugin/addon as an event handler. They use an AOP-like approach to intercept controller actions and model properties, which allows the programmer to find out when and how the data has changed.

Creating a simple tracer plugin/addon (PDF)

Groovy SwingBuilder and Threading

Andres Almiray and Danno Ferrin, authors of Griffon in Action, explain why a lack of proper threading is a problem, show a possible solution, and then take a closer look at SwingBuilder’s threading options.

Groovy SwingBuilder and Threading (PDF)

Welcome to the Griffon Revolution

By Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, and Geertjan Wielenga
This article is based on chapter 1 from Griffon in Action by Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, and Geertjan Wielenga.

Welcome to the Griffon Revolution (PDF)

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