Adding Search to a Jamstack Site

From The Jamstack Book by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

Let’s learn how to add search functionality to a Jamstack site!

Enabling Client-Side Search

From Hugo in Action by Atishay Jain

In this article we show how to build a search widget for a Jamstack website.

Content Management with Hugo

In case you missed it, here is Atishay Jain’s live Twitch coding stream recap. For more, check out the book: Hugo in Action. For more live coding streams, subscribe to Manning’s Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/manningpublications

What is the Jamstack and What Can It Do for You?

The Jamstack is more of an architecture or methodology for building web applications than a prescriptive stack of technologies. Jamstack was formed in response to dynamic web page development that many felt had become cumbersome, slow and insecure. The Jamstack architecture offers a number of benefits including page speed, security and cost.

Creating Static Websites with Hugo

From Hugo in Action by Atishay Jain

Using Markup Languages with Hugo

From Hugo in Action by Atishay Jain

Hugo supports a variety of markup languages for generating content. Markdown is the most popular amongst them and most widely used.

In this article we’ll create formatted posts using Markdown to fill up the content pages used in the website for Acme Corporation.

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