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What is an Array and What can I Do with One?

From Hello Swift! by Tanmay Bakshi

This article, excerpted from chapter 7 of Hello Swift! , tells you what an array is and gives quite a few examples of how one can be used.

Programming Tricks with Swift: when to use enums instead of subclassing

From Swift in Depth by Tjeerd in ‘t Veen

In this article, we’re going to explore these limitations of modeling our data via subclassing in a real-world scenario and how to address those limitations with the help of enums.

When to Use “or” and “and” in Swift

From Swift in Depth by Tjeerd in ‘t Veen

This article, adapted from chapter 2 of Swift in Depth, discusses the “or” and “and,” also known or sum and product types, respectively, and how they can be used in Swift.

Take a Deep Dive into Swift


By Tjeerd in ‘t Veen

Solving Mazes with Swift

From Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift by David Kopec

This article is all about finding a path through mazes, which is an analogous to many common search problems in computer science. Examples are in Swift.

A* Search in Swift: navigating a maze


By David Kopec

Diagram for String Reversal Logic

From Hello Swift!


Do you Have an App Idea?

By Wendy Wise

iOS Development Tricks: size classes in Interface Builder

By Craig Grummitt

This article has been excerpted from iOS Development with Swift

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