Size Classes in Interface Builder

By Craig Grummitt

This article has been excerpted from iOS Development with Swift

Slideshare: How can I get into iOS Programming with Swift?


Why Swift?

By Craig Grummitt

This article was excerpted from the book iOS Development with Swift.

Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image

By Oliver Drobnik, author of Barcodes with iOS
The Core Graphics framework is written in pure C, meaning that it’s impossible to use CGImage instances directly with UIKit. Apple created UIImage as an Objective-C wrapper class around CGImage to bridge the gap. We explore Core Image in this article.

Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image (PDF)

A Mobile Mapping Application


A Mobile Mapping Application (PDF)

Creating a Table View Project

The iPhone, iPod, and iPad are great music playing devices and allow you to create playlists. Creating playlists is useful, but being able to play them is necessary to really make it worthwhile. So using the iPod access to select tracks, CoreData to store the selections, and the music player to play the music makes for a usable app. To start, you need to design a database within Xcode and have the related code generated for you. In this article based on chapter 7 of iOS in Practice, author Bear Cahill shows you how to set up the project to support a table view navigation.

Creating a Table View Project (PDF)

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