Diagram for String Reversal Logic

From Hello Swift!


Do you Have an App Idea?

From Anyone Can Create an App
By Wendy Wise

iOS Development Tricks: size classes in Interface Builder

From iOS Development with Swift by Craig Grummitt

This article discusses layout adjustment using size classes in the Interface Builder.

I Want to Make an App, but I Don’t Know Where to Start

From Hello Swift!

By Tanmay Bakshi

How can I get into iOS Programming with Swift?

From iOS Development with Swift

By Craig Grummitt

Why Should you Learn Swift?

From iOS Development with Swift by Craig Grummitt

Learning a new programming language is a huge investment in time, so why should you learn Swift? Well, in short, it’s only going to get more popular!

A Jigsaw Puzzle: knitting together the pieces of a good application.

From Hello Swift!


Ask yourself these Three Questions when Deciding between Using a class vs struct in Swift

From iOS Development with Swift


Anyone Can Create an App: Storyboards

From Anyone Can Create an App by Wendy L. Wise

Storyboards are a little bit like what they sound like – a way to visualize a story and how the parts of the story are related. If you imagine a graphic novel (I’ve heard that’s what the cool kids are calling comic books these days), there are multiple panes that tell a story. Each pane flows into the next so the reader can follow the story. Imagine if you were writing your own graphic novel – you could start out with several blank panes and lay them out so you could begin planning the novel. You might sketch in a few details on each pane to start, and then you might begin filling in more details as time progresses.

Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image

By Oliver Drobnik, author of Barcodes with iOS
The Core Graphics framework is written in pure C, meaning that it’s impossible to use CGImage instances directly with UIKit. Apple created UIImage as an Objective-C wrapper class around CGImage to bridge the gap. We explore Core Image in this article.

Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image (PDF)

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