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The Guide to Testing Microservices in Java


From Testing Java Microservices

By Alex Soto Bueno, Jason Porter and Andy Gumbrecht

Spock Adoption with Existing JUnit Tests

From Java Testing with Spock
Spock adoption with existing JUnit tests

Using Mocks and Stubs in a Spock Test

From Java Testing with Spock
Using mocks and stubs in a Spock test

Spock: the groovier testing framework

If you always thought that JUnit (and/or TestNG) was the only solution for Java unit tests, guess again! Spock is an emerging test framework written in Groovy that can test both Java and Groovy code. It even includes its own Mocking mechanism. In this article adapted from Java Testing with Spock, I will give you a high level overview of Spock and its capabilities.

Spock: the groovier testing framework (PDF)

A first look at Spock in action

By Konstantinos Kapelonis, author of Java Testing with Spock
You know the theory behind a solid testing process and how Spock can test classes written in Java. Now it’s time to delve into code! In this article, I’ll show you what spock looks like in a minimal, but fully functioning, example.

A first look at Spock in action (PDF)

Comparing Spock and Junit

By Konstantinos Kapelonis
Spock is also a superset of the defacto testing framework for Java: Junit. In this article, excerpted from Java Testing with Spock, we will compare Spock with Junit.

Comparing Spock and Junit (PDF)

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