Revolutionized Monitoring with Fluent Bit in Kubernetes: A Guide to Enhanced Software Architecture

n the world of software architecture, the adoption of Fluent Bit within Kubernetes environments signifies a significant evolution in how we approach monitoring and observability. This combination offers a unique perspective on aligning software architecture with business strategy, transcending the typical application in cloud-native technologies. Fluent Bit’s integration with tools like OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Kubernetes illustrates a new era of monitoring that is adaptable not only in cloud-native but also in traditional environments.

Road to Kubernetes—The Ultimate Guide to Successful Deployment

From Road to Kubernetes by Justin Mitchel Deploying software can be a complex and challenging process, and the rise of technologies like Kubernetes has added another layer of complexity. Many developers perceive Kubernetes as too complicated for their deployment needs…. Continue Reading →

Podman: the next generation of container engines is here

This book, written by the leader of the Red Hat team that created Podman, teaches readers how to use Podman: a next-generation container engine that is easier to use and provides superior security over Docker and other container engines.

Learn to Build a Microservices App Today!

This book jumps right into building microservices, giving you just enough knowledge to build, while not getting mired in theory.

Collective Communication Pattern: Improving Performance When Parameter Servers Become a Bottleneck

From Distributed Machine Learning Patterns by Yuan Tang

In this article, we introduce the collective communication pattern, which is a great alternative to parameter servers when the machine learning model we are building is not too large without having to tune the ratio between the number of workers and parameter servers.

Parameter Server Pattern: Tagging Entities in 8 Millions of YouTube Videos

From Distributed Machine Learning Patterns by Yuan Tang

In this article, we introduce the parameter server pattern which comes handy for situations where the model is too large to fit in a single machine such as one we would have to build for tagging entities in the 8 millions of YouTube videos.

Defining Infrastructure Declaratively with Crossplane

From Continuous Delivery with Kubernetes by Mauricio Salatino

This article discusses using Crossplane to provision real infrastructure in a declarative way.

Components of an Orchestrator

From Build an Orchestrator in Go by Tim Boring

This article covers

The evolution of application deployments
Classifying the components of an orchestration system

Implementing an Event-Based Collaboration using HTTP

From Microservices in .NET, 2nd Edition by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard

Let’s talk about event-based collaboration. This is an important aspect of how microservices interact with each other.

Sending and Receiving CloudEvents

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