Manage Your Infrastructure like Your Codebase

From Terraform in Action by Scott Winkler


Istio Gateway

From Istio in Action by Christian Posta

This article explores the Istio gateway.

The Inner Workings of Istio

From Istio in Action by Christian Posta

By Christian E. Posta

Connecting Microservice-Based Apps with Istio


From Istio in Action by Christian Posta

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Chapters selected by Marko Lukša

How OpenShift’s Core Components Work

From OpenShift in Action
By Jamie Duncan, John Osborne

OpenShift Workflows and Core Components

From OpenShift in Action


Use Cases for Container Platforms

From OpenShift in Action by Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

The technology inside OpenShift is pretty cool. But unless you can tie a new technology to some sort of benefit to your mission, then it’s hard to justify investigating it. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits OpenShift can provide, starting out by looking at some of the technological benefits.

Getting Started with OpenShift

From OpenShift in Action by Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

This article, excerpted from chapter 2 of OpenShift in Action, provides an introduction to OpenShift using the command line to deploy an application.

Leveraging OpenShift


From OpenShift in Action

By Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

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