Machine Learning

Fun Uses for Word Vectors

In this video, Hobson shows you how to move words from inflammatory to less inflammatory context with the help of word vectors (Word2vec).

Training an SVM model in R with mlr

Hefin I. Rhys teaches you how to train, tune, and cross-validate a Support Vector Machine model using RStudio and the awesome mlr machine learning package.

Essential Tools for Deep Learning and Data Science

Learn the most important tools in the repertoire of a data scientist and machine learning practitioner – Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) – with the help of Krishnendu Chaudhury.

Automatic Differentiation in Python and PyTorch

Deep dive with Carl Osipov into understanding automatic differentiation used by PyTorch autograd for deep learning

Free eBook: Exploring Natural Language Processing


Exploring Natural Language Processing is a free eBook with chapters selected by Hobson Lane.

Free eBook: Exploring Machine Learning Basics


Exploring Machine Learning Basic is a free eBook with chapters selected by Luis G. Serrano.

The Ultimate Speed Reader

Why speed read this, you ask? Learn how AI can plow through an inbox at superhuman speeds. Let an AI summarize and help you focus. That’s what I need. [ed. This is my first joint blog post with Chris Mattmann,… Continue Reading →

Free eBook: Exploring Machine learning with R and mlr


Chapters selected by Hefin Ioan Rhys

Active Transfer Learning with PyTorch

By Robert Munro, author of Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Data Speaker Series: Kevin Ferguson on AlphaGo Zero

Kevin Ferguson, co-author of Deep Learning and the Game of Go, was our latest Data Speaker Series guest. He talked about how AlphaGo Zero combines tree search and reinforcement learning in a novel way.

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