Delving into Nim

From Nim in Action by Dominik Picheta

In this article you’ll learn the basics of Nim’s syntax. Learning the syntax is an important first step, as it teaches you the specific ways to write Nim code.

Introducing T4

By Kevin Hazzard and Jason Bock
Text Template Transformation Toolkit T4 has become quite popular in recent years thanks to a number of factors, most importantly the adoption of T4 by various tool-building teams within Microsoft’s developer division. Code generators for ASP.NET MVC, the ADO.NET Entity Framework, and other popular frameworks are based on T4, making it one of the most widely used tool-building frameworks around. In this article based on chapter 6 of Metaprogramming in .NET, authors discuss the T4 templating basics.

Introducing T4 (PDF)

Understanding the Basics of Roslyn

By Kevin Hazzard and Jason Bock
Roslyn API is a major step forward for developers who want that intimate view of code. In this article based on chapter 12 of Metaprogramming in .NET, authors explain how Roslyn API works through executable code and then go deeper into more of its parts.

Understanding the Basics of Roslyn (PDF)

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