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Chapters selected by John Carnell

How Testing Microservices using Mountebank Works

From Testing Microservices with Mountebank


Designing Business Logic in a Microservice Architecture

From Microservices Patterns by Chris Richardson

The heart of an enterprise application is the business logic that implements the business rules. In a microservice architecture the business logic is spread over multiple services. Some external invocations of the business logic are handled by a single service. Other, more complex requests, are handled by multiple services and sagas are used to enforce data consistency. In this article, I describe how to implement a service’s business logic.

The Purpose of Microservice Architecture

From Microservices Patterns by Chris Richardson

In this article, excerpted from Microservice Patterns, discusses the definition of the microservice architecture and why it’s important to software development.

Free eBook: Exploring Microservices


Chapters selected by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard

The Guide to Testing Microservices in Java


From Testing Java Microservices

By Alex Soto Bueno, Jason Porter and Andy Gumbrecht

Taking a Microservice Feature to Production


From Microservices in Action

By Morgan Bruce and Paulo A. Pereira

When Bad Things Happen: client resiliency patterns with Spring Cloud and Netflix Hystrix

From Spring Microservices in Action by John Carnell

This article discusses client-side resiliency patterns intended to help make your app more robust and resistant to failure.

Building New Features with Microservices

From Microservices in Action by Morgan Bruce and Paulo A. Pereira

This article explores approaches to software engineering using the microservice architecture and ways that you can build and design new features using microservices, instead of the traditional monolithic style.

Using Predicates to Send Different Responses

From Testing Microservices with Mountebank by Brandon Byars

This article discusses a unique kind of service testing – testing a service that depends on a fictional “Abagnale” service. It involves doing something which has probably never been done before in the history of mocking frameworks: we need to create a virtual imposter that pretends to be a real imposter.

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