Podman: the next generation of container engines is here

This book, written by the leader of the Red Hat team that created Podman, teaches readers how to use Podman: a next-generation container engine that is easier to use and provides superior security over Docker and other container engines.

Learn to Build a Microservices App Today!

This book jumps right into building microservices, giving you just enough knowledge to build, while not getting mired in theory.

Learn the Theory behind Microservice-Based Systems by Using Them in Practice

An excerpt from the Tao of Microservices, Second Edition by Richard Rodger

If you want to really climb inside the microservice architecture and learn how it works, you have to use it in practice. This updated edition will teach you the theory underlying microservice-based systems by having you use them in practice.

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Learn to Build Production-Grade Microservices with gRPC and Go

An excerpt from gRPC Microservices in Go by Hüseyin Babal This excerpt covers: § Introducing Go gRPC Microservices § Comparing gRPC with REST § Understanding when to use gRPC § Better understanding of gRPC microservices with production-grade use-cases Read it… Continue Reading →

Introduction to RSocket

From Spring Boot in Practice by Somnath Musib This article explores Rsocket and how it interacts with Spring Boot. Take 35% off Spring Boot in Practice by entering fccmusib into the discount code box at checkout at manning.com. In this… Continue Reading →

Implementing an Event-Based Collaboration using HTTP

From Microservices in .NET, 2nd Edition by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard

Let’s talk about event-based collaboration. This is an important aspect of how microservices interact with each other.

What Is a Microservices Architecture?

From Microservices in .NET, 2nd Edition by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard Find out exactly what a microservices architecture is in this article. Take 40% off Microservices in .NET, 2nd Edition by entering horsdal3 into the discount code ox at checkout at… Continue Reading →

Refactoring to Microservices

Let’s discuss how to refactor an existing monolith to microservices.

Getting Started with Actix

From Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by Prabhu Eshwarla This article shows you how you can get started using Actix and Rust. Take 40% off Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by entering fcceshwarla into the discount code box at checkout… Continue Reading →

Infrastructure as Code: using Terraform to deploy Kubernetes and microservices

In this video, Ashley Davis demonstrates how to upgrade your infrastructure through code using Terraform.

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