Planning a MEAN stack application

From Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node, Second Edition by Simon Holmes

This article is a guide to planning a practical application on the MEAN stack.

MongoDB: Understanding components of a sharded cluster

To understand how MongoDB’s sharding works, you need to know about all the components that make up a sharded cluster and the role of each component in the context of the cluster as a whole. In this article, I’ll help… Continue Reading →

A Sample Shard Cluster

MongoDB has been designed to support sharding from the start. In this article, based on chapter 9 of MongoDB in Action, author Kyle Banker demonstrates building a sample cluster to host data from a massive Google Docs-like application.

A Sample Shard Cluster (PDF)

Diving into the MongoDB shell

This article is taken from the book MongoDB in Action. The author provides a practical tour of
the most common tasks performed from the MongoDB shell, which lets users examine and
manipulate data and administer the database server itself using the JavaScript programming
language and a simple API.

Diving into the MongoDB shell (PDF)

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