What is Middleware?

From ASP.NET Core in Action by Andrew Lock

The word middleware is used in a variety of contexts in software development and IT, but it’s not a particularly descriptive word – so, what is middleware? This article discusses the definition of middleware in ASP.NET Core and how they can be used.

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core

From ASP.NET Core in Action by Andrew Lock

This article describes some of the highlights of ASP.NET Core and gives advice on the type of applications to build with it, as well as the type of applications to avoid.

Learning to Use ASP.NET Core

From ASP.NET Core in Action
By Andrew Lock

How to Make Accessing Databases Simple and Easy

From Entity Framework Core in Action
By Jon P. Smith

Architecting Enterprise Applications before .NET Core

From .NET Core in Action by Dustin Metzgar

This article compares enterprise application architecture pre and post .NET Core.

What Can .NET Core Do for you?

From .NET Core in Action

By Dustin Metzgar

Why Choose .NET Core?

From .NET Core in Action by Dustin Metzgar

Learning a new development framework is a big investment. You need to learn how to write, build, test, deploy, and maintain applications in the new framework. As a developer, there are many frameworks to choose from and it’s difficult to know what’s best for the job. Even if you’re currently developing software with .NET, .NET Core is different enough that you’ll need to spend time learning the tools and techniques to use it properly. To understand why .NET Core is worth a look,it helps to know where you’re starting from.

Use Dedicated Microservices to Handle Integration

From Microservices in .NET Core
Use dedicated microservices to handle integration

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