Go from Amatuer to Pythonista

From Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

Teaching 100,000 People to Code

Six Questions for Tanmay Bakshi, author of Hello Swift!

Tanmay Bakshi is a fifteen-year-old Canadian coder who works in AI and ML. He has addressed over 200,000 people at international conferences, schools, universities, and corporations, and has delivered keynotes at the United Nations, Linux Foundation, Apple, IBM, and more. Find him at @TajyMany on Twitter and Tanmay Teaches on YouTube.

The Scoped Lifestyle

From Dependency Injection, Principles, Practices, and Patterns
by Steven van Deursen and Mark Seemann

This articles explains the Scoped Lifestyle: what it is and when you might want to use it.

A Style Guide for Object-Oriented Programming

From Object Design Style Guide by Matthias Noback


Expand Your Programming Skill Set

From Algorithms and Data Structures in Action by Marcello La Rocca


Using Option in Scala, Part 1: introduction

From Get Programming with Scala by Daniela Sfregola

This article introduces the Option type and discuss why you would (or wouldn’t) want to use it and when.

Embrace JavaScript!

From The Joy of JavaScript by Luis Atencio


Free eBook: Exploring Haskell


Chapters selected by Marcello Seri

Tracking an Evolving Language

Six Questions for Jon Skeet, author of C# In Depth, 4th Edition

Jon Skeet (@jonskeet) is a senior software engineer at Google, London and a recognized authority on Java and C#. He is the top contributor to Stack Overflow.

Learn Coding Best Practices in Python

From Practices of the Python Pro by Dane Hillard


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