Data Frames in Pandas

From Pandas Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article discusses using Data Frames in Pandas.

Using Multiple Dispatch in Julia

An excerpt from Julia for Data Analysis by Bogumil Kaminski

This article shows you how to use Multiple Dispatch in Julia.

Read it if you’re a data scientist or anyone who works with lots of data, and if you’re interested in the Julia language.

A Deep Learning System from an Engineer’s Perspective

From Engineering Deep Learning Systems by Chi Wang and Donald Szeto

This article presents what prospective readers can expect to learn from this book and why you should learn it.

Read it if you’re a software developer interested in transitioning your skills to the field of deep learning system design or an engineering-minded data scientist who want to build more effective delivery pipelines.

Cleaning Data

From Pandas Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article discusses cleaning data to use with Pandas.

HTTP Session Management

From Full Stack Python Security by Dennis Byrne

HTTP sessions are a necessity for all but the most trivial web applications. Web applications use HTTP sessions to isolate the traffic, context, and state of each user. This is the basis for every form of online transaction. If you’re buying something on Amazon, messaging someone on Facebook, or transferring money from your bank, the server must be able to identify you across multiple requests. This illustrates these concepts with Django.

Persisting Application Data over Time

From The Well-Grounded Python Developer by Doug Farrell

This article, excerpted from chapter 10, covers

§ Persisting Data

§ Database Systems

§ Database Structures

§ Modeling Data with SQLAlchemy

From Machine Learning to Automated Machine Learning

From Automated Machine Learning in Action by Qingquan Song, Haifeng Jin, and Xia Hu

This article covers

•   Defining and introducing the fundamental concepts of machine learning

•   Describing the motivation for and high-level concepts of automated machine learning

Parts of the Python Build System

From Publishing Python Packages by Dane Hillard This article covers the pieces of the Python build system itself, so you can learn how packages are built from scratch. Take 35% off Publishing Python Packages by entering fcchillard2 into the discount… Continue Reading →

Get Started Developing for Quantum Computers with Q# and Python

In case you missed it, here is Sarah Kaiser’s live Twitch coding stream recap.   For more, check out the book: Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#. For more live coding streams, subscribe to Manning’s Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/manningpublications… Continue Reading →

Deploying Machine Learning Models, Part 5: deployment

In this series, we cover model deployment: the process of putting models to use. In particular, we’ll see how to package a model inside a web service, allowing other services to use it. We also show how to deploy the web service to a production-ready environment.

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