Understanding the Math Behind the Algorithms

From Math and Architectures of Deep Learning by Krishnendu Chaudhury

Changing The Odds: an introduction to Q#

From Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# by Sarah Kaiser and Chris Granade

This article covers using the Quantum Development Kit to write quantum programs in Q#

Go from Amatuer to Pythonista

From Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

Store, Analyse, and Filter Data Better

From Pandas in Action by Boris Paskhaver

Working with Files in Python

From Python Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article delves into working with files of varying types, in Python.

Mastering Unit Testing

From The Art of Unit Testing, Third Edition by Roy Osherove

Learn Machine Learning by Making Projects

From Machine Learning Bookcamp by Alexey Grigorev

Leverage the Power of Machine Learning

From Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition by Chris A. Mattmann

A Pre-Trained Model that Fakes It until It Makes It

From Deep Learning with PyTorch by Eli Stevens and Luca Antiga

This article explores the use and capabilities of GANs, using a fictional (and inadvasible) example of aspiring art forgers.

Everything You Need to Get Started with NLP

From Essential Natural Language Processing by Ekaterina Kochmar

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