List Wrangling with Python

By Naomi Ceder

Understanding how list indices and lists work in Python makes the language a lot more useful. This article excerpt discusses list indices and modifying lists in Python.

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Slideshare: How can I get started with Deep learning?


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Slideshare: How can I get up to speed quickly with Python?


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Why Should YOU Choose Python?

By Naomi Ceder

This article has been excerpted from The Quick Python Book, Third Edition.

Learning Python: A Bread Baking Metaphor

By Ana Bell

This article was excerpted from the book Learn Python.

Calculate the percentage of New Orleans that is wetlands

From Geoprocessing with Python

Calculate the percentage of New Orleans that is wetlands

Using spatial references with OSR

By Chris Garrard
This article, excerpted from the book Geoprocessing with Python, will show you how to use OSR to assign SRS information to your data so that GIS software, including OSR, and know how to work with it.
Using spatial references with OSR (PDF)

Introduction to spatial reference systems

By Chris Garrard, author of Geoprocessing with Python
In order to effectively work with coordinate systems you need to understand why there are so many of them in the first place and how to select an appropriate one for your purposes. In this article, based on my book Geoprocessing with Python, I give you some background information about spatial reference systems.

Introduction to spatial reference systems (PDF)

Creating programs in Python

By Ryan Heitz, author of Hello Raspberry Pi!
Programs allow you to create, save and run more complex sets of instructions. You can easily edit your programs and run them again. In this article, we’ll you walk through creating a Python program.

Creating programs in Python (PDF)

Writing a Simple Chat Server

In this article from chapter 10 of Hello! Python, author Anthony Briggs Talks about extending an application using the Twisted framework to make it interactive over the Internet.

Writing a Simple Chat Server (PDF)

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