Hands-On Deep Learning Model Training

In this video, we join deep learning advocate Mark Ryan on his tour into training the model and running experiments.

Pandas in One Hour

In this video, Boris Paskhaver showcases the high-level features of the Pandas library.

Sentiment Classification Using a Large Movie Review Dataset, Part 1

From Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition by Chris Mattmann

This article covers using text and word frequency (Bag of Words) to represent sentiment.

Beyond “def”: Exploring Python Functions

In this tour de force live coding session, an expert Python coach Reuven Lerner shows you how functions work behind the scenes and how you can use them in different ways.

Data Authentication with Keyed Hashing

By Dennis Byrne

This article explores securing data using keyed hashing in Python.

Automatic Differentiation in Python and PyTorch

Deep dive with Carl Osipov into understanding automatic differentiation used by PyTorch autograd for deep learning

Password Strength: generating a secure and memorable password

From Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

This article delves into how to make really memorable and secure passwords—with Python!

NLP Analysis of Large Text Datasets: conducted by Dr. Leonard Apeltsin

In this video, Dr. Leonard Apelstin demonstrates xClustering Large Text Datasets in Python.

What Are Web APIs?

From Developing Microservice APIs with Python by Jose Haro Peralta

In this article we will explain what web APIs are. You will learn that a web API is a specific instance of the more general concept of Application Programming Interface (API). It is important to understand that an API is just a layer on top of an application, and that there are many different types of interfaces.

Speeding up Python code

From Python Concurrency with asyncio by Matthew Fowler

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