Introducing Redux

From Redux in Action by Marc Garreau and Will Faurot

If you’re interested in Redux, but don’t know a lot about it, this article gives an introduction to Redux and what it does in web development.

Connecting React and Redux

From Redux in Action by Marc Garreau and Will Faurot

Redux was made for React, and this article discusses how to connect them using the react-redux package.

Working with Forms in React

From React Quickly by Azat Mardan

This article covers how to capture text input and input via other form elements like input, textarea, and option. Working with them is paramount to web development because they allow our applications to receive data (e.g. text) and actions (e.g. clicks) from users.

Working with States in React

From React Quickly by Azat Mardan

To be able to work with state, we need to know how to access the values, update them and how to set the initial values. This article discusses accessing state in React components.

Routing with React in Modern Front-End Web Applications

From React in Action by Mark T. Thomas

This article is about routing in React: how it works and why it is important in modern front-end web apps.

An Introduction to Isomorphic Web Application Architecture

From Isomorphic Web Applications by Elyse Kolker Gordon

Just what is an “isomorphic app” and how does it work? This article discusses what makes an app Isomorphic.

Build Slick Interfaces for Web Apps with React

From React in Action

By Mark Thomas

Decomplexifying Code with React

By Steven Luscher

This video Steven Luscher’s presentation at the Powered by JavaScript 2015 conference

React.js and the Importance of Isomorphic SPAs


By Markus Kobler

This video is Markus Kobler’s presentation, “React.js and the Importance of Isomorphic SPAs” from the Powered by JavaScript 2015 Conference

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