Proactive Security: leveraging Azure Security Services

This excerpt covers cybersecurity as an infinite game, the shared responsibility model, Azure security services, the threat landscape, cloud security challenges, the Zero Trust security model, and the defense in depth concept.

Policies and Procedures for Secure Access

From AWS Security by Dylan Shields

This article deals with securing access to your AWS account.

Managing AI and ML Projects: a primer for success

An excerpt from Managing Machine Learning Projects by Simon Thompson

Managing Machine Learning Projects will teach you to guide machine learning projects from design to production—no machine learning experience required!

Read this article if you’re a project manager who works with machine learning applications.

What is Cryptography?

An excerpt from Secret Key Cryptography by Frank Rubin

This article covers:

•       Basic terms used in cryptography

•       What is an unbreakable cipher?

•       What are the different types of cryptography?

Read it if you’re interested in cryptography.

Putting the Sec in DevSecOps

From the Application Security Program Handbook by Derek Fisher

This article discusses where security fits into the DevOps process along with some common approaches.

Read it if you want to learn more about baking security into DevOps.

The Cryptographer’s Toolbox

From Secret Key Cryptography by Frank Rubin

This article covers:

·  The rating system used for ciphers

·  Substitution ciphers

·  Transposition ciphers

·  Fractionation, breaking letters into smaller units

·  Pseudorandom number generators

HTTP Session Management

From Full Stack Python Security by Dennis Byrne

HTTP sessions are a necessity for all but the most trivial web applications. Web applications use HTTP sessions to isolate the traffic, context, and state of each user. This is the basis for every form of online transaction. If you’re buying something on Amazon, messaging someone on Facebook, or transferring money from your bank, the server must be able to identify you across multiple requests. This illustrates these concepts with Django.

Introduction to RSocket

From Spring Boot in Practice by Somnath Musib This article explores Rsocket and how it interacts with Spring Boot. Take 35% off Spring Boot in Practice by entering fccmusib into the discount code box at checkout at manning.com. In this… Continue Reading →

Using the Spring Web Scopes, Part 2

From Spring Start Here by Laurențiu Spilcă

This article covers

Using the Spring web scopes
Implementing a simple login functionality for a web app
Redirecting from one page to another in a web app

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