Using the Spring Web Scopes, Part 1

From Spring Start Here by Laurențiu Spilcă

This article covers

Using the Spring web scopes
Implementing a simple login functionality for a web app
Redirecting from one page to another in a web app

How does TLS work?

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong This article describes how Transport Layer Security Works. Take 37% off Real-World Cryptography by entering fccwong into the discount code box at checkout at manning.com. Today, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the de-facto standard… Continue Reading →

Microservices Security with gRPC and Kafka

In this video, we join Nuwan Dias in securing service-to-service interactions over gRPS and Kafka.

JSON Web Tokens & Alternatives

In this video, security expert Neil Madden explains self-contained tokens and JWTs in detail.

Securing Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

Security expert Prabath Siriwardena shows you how to secure Microservices with Istio Service Mesh.

Data Authentication with Keyed Hashing

By Dennis Byrne

This article explores securing data using keyed hashing in Python.

Learn to Implement Cyber Security

From Making Sense of Cyber Security by Thomas Kranz

How Does OAuth 2 Work?

From Spring Security in Action by Laurentiu Spilca In this article, we discuss the components which act in an OAuth 2 authentication implementation. You need to know these components and the role they play in order to properly implement them…. Continue Reading →

Compromising a Microsoft SQL Server

From The Art of Network Penetration Testing by Royce Davis

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