Running Spark: an Overview of Spark’s Runtime Architecture

By Petar Zečević and Marko Bonaći.

This article is excerpted from Spark in Action.

Spark in Action: The Notion of Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)

By Marko Bonaći and Petar Zečević

In this article, excerpted from Spark in Action, we talk about RDD, the fundamental abstraction in Spark.

How to start developing Spark applications in Eclipse

By Marko Bonaći author of Spark in Action
In this article, you will learn to write Spark applications using Eclipse, the most widely used development environment for JVM-based languages.

How to start developing Spark applications in Eclipse (PDF)

What’s the advantage of a property graph vs. RDF graph?

From Spark GraphX in Action
Spark GraphX in Action Diagram

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