Controlling your Configuration in the Cloud with Spring Cloud Config

By John Carnell

This article has been excerpted from Spring Microservices in Action

Welcome to the cloud, Spring

This article was excerpted from Spring Microservices in Action by John Carnell

Initializing a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializr

By Craig Walls, author of Spring Boot in Action
The Spring Initializr is ultimately a web application that can generate a Spring Boot project structure for you. In this article, we take a look at it.

Initializing a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializr (PDF)

Spring does that?

About the Spring framework and its ecosystem Agile and adaptive development on the leading edge
by Ken Rimple, author of Spring Roo in Action

Spring does that? (PDF)

Recipe: Creating an Integration-Ready Ticketing System Shell

By Willie Wheeler, John Wheeler, and Joshua White
In an enterprise of any size, there may be multiple system monitoring tools, ticketing systems, and knowledge management systems. There are many reasons why the systems in an environment might be a big jumbled mess. Despite the difficulty, the need for systems integration is very much alive and well. In this article, based on chapter 13 of Spring in Practice, the authors show you how to implement a ticketing system in such a way that it’s easy to integrate it with other systems.

Recipe: Creating an Integration-Ready Ticketing System Shell (PDF)

Introducing Spring

In this article based on Spring in Practice, authors Willie Wheeler and John Wheeler give a brief rundown of each the components that make up the framework and specifically of dependency injection.

Introducing Spring (PDF)

JMX Support in Spring Integration

By Willie Wheeler, John Wheeler, and Joshua White
Java Management Extensions are a standard way of exposing runtime information about a running Java application to allow monitoring and runtime management of the application. In this article, based on chapter 14 of Spring Integration in Action, the author discusses the out-of-the-box support for exposing information about message channels, message sources, and message handlers and Spring Integration’s support for adapting JMX concepts to Spring Integration messages and vice versa.

JMX Support in Spring Integration (PDF)

Introducing Spring Batch

This article is taken from the book Spring Batch in Action. In it, authors Thierry Templier and Arnaud Cogoluegnes discuss Spring Batch, a batch-oriented framework, which builds on top of the Spring Framework, a de facto standard for writing enterprise applications on the Java platform.

Demystifying OSGi bundles

By Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, and Andy Piper, authors of Spring Dynamic Modules in Action

OSGi – the dynamic modular platform for Java – uses a slightly different unit of deployment than the plain old JAR, the bundle. Bundles are standard JARs, but with additional metadata in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. This metadata describes amongst others a bundle identity but also the Java packages it consumes or makes available to other bundles. This article covers some theory about this metadata and shows how to create an OSGi bundle from an existing library.

Demystifying OSGi bundles (PDF)

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