streaming data

Scaling Streaming Systems

In this video, Josh Fischer explains what it takes for a Streaming System to help you scale-up stream processing in Java.

Streaming Data with KSQL

From Kafka Streams in Action by Bill Bejeck

This article discusses KSQL, a brand-new open source, Apache 2.0 streaming SQL engine that enables stream processing with Kafka. Basically, it makes it easy to read, write, and process streaming data in real-time, at scale, using SQL-like semantics.

Streaming Data: exactly once processing

From Streaming Data by Andrew G. Psaltis

This article deals with cases where processing a message exactly once is important and how one can work around the related challenges.

Interaction Patterns: Request/Response

Andrew G. Psaltis, author of Streaming Data, explains the concept of the Request/Response pattern and how you can collect data using it.

Interaction Patterns: Request/Response (PDF)

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