All About DApps

Six Questions for Roberto Infante, author of Building Ethereum Dapps

By Frances Lefkowitz

Roberto Infante is software development consultant who specializes in finance. He currently works on financial risk management systems and on blockchain technology.

Content Distribution Formats

By Richard Ferraro and Murat Aktihanoglu
In this article, based on chapter 4 of Building Location-Aware Applications, the authors discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three content distribution formats for location-based service (LBS) applications—GeoRSS, GeoJSON, and KML.

Content Distribution Formats (PDF)

Monetizing IP

By Richard Ferraro and Murat Aktihanoglu
This article is taken from the book Building Location-Aware Applications. The authors discuss two main ways of unlocking the Intellectual Property (IP) within applications—licensing or white labeling.

Monetizing IP (PDF)

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