Mastering Code Reviews

From “Looks Good to Me”: Constructive code reviews by Adrienne Braganza Looks Good to Me: Constructive code reviews is an innovative and comprehensive guide offering actionable advice for crafting constructive code reviews. This avant-garde resource has been specifically designed to cater… Continue Reading →

Learning to Start Companies

Discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of succeeding with a tech startup from nine-time company founder Jothy Rosenberg.

Podman: the next generation of container engines is here

This book, written by the leader of the Red Hat team that created Podman, teaches readers how to use Podman: a next-generation container engine that is easier to use and provides superior security over Docker and other container engines.

What is (PowerShell) Toolmaking?

This excerpt describes toolmaking in PowerShell and why you should learn it.

Read on if you’re interested in learning PowerShell or improving your existing PowerShell skill set.

The Search and Optimization Primer

Solve design, planning, and control problems using modern machine learning and AI techniques.

Read on to find out more.

Designing and Building a Robo Advisor with Python

Build a Robo Advisor with Python (From Scratch): Automate your financial and investment decisions teaches you how to construct a Python-based financial advisor of your very own!

A Taste of Publishing with Computers

This excerpt explores the inner workings of book production with computers.

Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning, Part 3: building a bias-aware model

From Feature Engineering Bookcamp by Sinan Ozdemir

This article series covers

●      Recognizing and mitigating bias in our data and model

●      Quantifying fairness through various metrics

●      Applying feature engineering techniques to remove bias from our model without sacrificing model performance

Free liveProject – Build an Extensible CLI with Python Build an Extensible CLI with Python Don’t miss out! Offer ends November 28, 2021. Only available to new email subscribers. $49.99 FREE! Get your free liveProject! Take on the challenge of designing and building a custom CLI using Python…. Continue Reading →

On this day 09/07 On this day… iPod Nano Introduced September 7 2005 The iPod Nano was introduced today in 2005, replacing the highly popular iPod Mini. Rather than the hard drive used by the Mini, the iPod Nano utilized flash storage which… Continue Reading →

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