Refactoring the Gilded Rose Kata in Java

In this video, we join Christian in his live coding challenge of refactoring the famous Gilded Rose Kata.

Rapid Data-Driven Sales Maximization and Churn Reduction

In this extensive coding session, Carl Gold–chief data scientist at Zuora Inc.–explains why fighting churn is all about targeted interventions.

Azure Data Lake Analytics – Writing and Running Jobs

In this video, seasoned IT professional Richard Nuckolls dives into writing and running Azure Data Lake Analytics jobs.

Microservices Security with gRPC and Kafka

In this video, we join Nuwan Dias in securing service-to-service interactions over gRPS and Kafka.

Converting Pure Deep Learning with PyTorch to Use Lightning and Hangar

In this video, machine learning expert Eli Stevens showcases how to use open-source libraries that are available in the PyTorch ecosystem to cut down the amount of the code that you want to write.

Hands-On Deep Learning Model Training

In this video, we join deep learning advocate Mark Ryan on his tour into training the model and running experiments.

The Fuel for the Functional Programming Engine

In this video, Michał Płachta focuses on problems with mutable states, explains why pure functions can’t use them in majority of cases, and shows you how to fight mutability by working with immutable values, which are used extensively in functional programming.

JSON Web Tokens & Alternatives

In this video, security expert Neil Madden explains self-contained tokens and JWTs in detail.

Pandas in One Hour

In this video, Boris Paskhaver showcases the high-level features of the Pandas library.

How to Secure Data in AWS S3 (and still use it)

In this video, Stephen explains how you can secure your data in AWS S3 and still use it.

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