Dipping Your Toes into Elixir

By Saša Jurić

This article gives a short overview of Erlang and then delves into the benefits of Elixir.

Poor API Design has Terrible Consequences.

By Arnaud Lauret

Why should we care about the design of an API? It’s quite simple. What do you do when you use an everyday thing, whether it’s a microwave oven, a web site, a mobile application, a TV remote or an ATM? You use its interface.

Slideshare: Understanding Chatbot Creation


Slideshare: Get Started with Elixir


Caching in React

By Elyse Kolker Gordon

This article, adapted from chapter 11 of Isomorphic Web Applications, discusses caching and its importance as a server performance tool.

Slideshare: Designing Extraordinary APIs


By Arnaud Lauret

Slideshare: Build your data pipeline with JavaScript

From Data Wrangling with JavaScript


By Ashley Davis

Slideshare: Harnessing the Phoenix

From Phoenix in Action


By Geoffrey Lessel

Slideshare: The Guide to Testing in Vue.js

From Testing Vue.js Applications


By Edd Yerburgh

Ride the Phoenix

By Geoffrey Lessel

This article, excerpted from Phoenix in Action, introduces you to the power of web development using Elixir and the Phoenix framework.

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