Declaring Higher-Order Functions

From Kotlin in Action by Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova

The key idea of this article is the concept of higher-order functions. A higher-order function is a function that takes another function as an argument or returns one.

Free eBook: A Mobile Mapping Application

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Making Animations over the Canvas

By Carlos Sessa, Jr, author of 50 Android Hacks
To draw directly on the screen, you can use Android’s Canvas class. In this hack from 50 Android Hacks, the author shows how to use this class to create a box that bounces around screen.

Making Animations over the Canvas (PDF)

VideoViews and Orientation Changes

By Carlos Sessa, Jr
Landscape is way cooler that portrait when it comes to viewing a video on your cell. To make the video full screen when the device is rotated, you need to tell the system that you’ll handle the orientation changes yourself. In this article, based on a technique presented in 50 Android Hacks, the author shows you how to do that by changing the size and position of VideoView.

VideoViews and Orientation Changes (PDF)

Android—the Big Picture

By W. Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, and Chris King
Android has become a market-moving technology platform—not just because of the functionality available in the platform but because of how the platform has come to market. In this article based on chapter 5 of Android in Action, Third Edition, the authors introduce the platform and provide context to help you understand Android and where it fits in the global cell phone scene.

Android—the Big Picture (PDF)

Technique: HTTP the Java way

By Charlie Collins, Michael D. Galpin, and Matthias Kaeppler
This article is taken from the book Android in Practice. The authors demonstrate how to send simple HTTP requests to a Web server using Java’s standard HTTP networking facilities.

Technique: HTTP the Java way (PDF)

Targeting Android

W. Frank Ableson, Charlie Collins, Robi Sen, and Robert Cooper, authors of Unlocking Android
This green paper is taken from the forthcoming book Unlocking Android from Manning Publications. It explains the essential concepts of the Android platform, describes the features of the Android stack, and provides practical examples to illustrate how it works. For the table of contents, the Author Forum, and other resources, go to http://www.manning.com/ableson/.

Targeting Android (PDF)

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