A Project-Based Handbook for Learning Haskell

An excerpt from Haskell Bookcamp by Phillip Hagenlocher

If you’re interested in learning Haskell and are looking for a place to start, this is the book for you.

Haskell has a reputation for being overly academic and hard to learn, but the truth is that it’s not as much of a bear as people think. You just need the right guide.

Monads as Practical Functionality Providers

From Haskell in Depth by Vitaly Bragilevsky

In this article we’ll discuss a few ways that you can use monads to simplify code.

Abstracting Computations with Type Classes

From Haskell in Depth by Vitaly Bragilevsky

In this article we’ll discuss several type classes that originated in mathematics (mainly abstract algebra and category theory).

An Introductory Tutorial of Type-Level Programming in Haskell

Haskell expert Vitaly Bragilevsky demonstrates Haskell features that make programming at the level of types possible.

Free eBook: Exploring Haskell


Chapters selected by Marcello Seri

Basic Text Processing in Functional Style

From Haskell in Depth by Vitaly Bragilevsky

This article explores text processing in the functional programming style.

Go from Haskell Learner to Haskell Developer


From Haskell in Depth
By Vitaly Bragilevsky

Lists as Context: a deeper look at the Applicative Type Class

From Get Programming with Haskell by Will Kurt

This article takes a deep look at the Applicative Type Class using the example of the List class.

Interactive Editing in Atom

From Type-Driven Development with Idris by Edwin Brady

In this article, we’ll begin writing some complex Idris functions, using its interactive editing features to develop those functions, step by step, in a type-directed way. We’ll use the Atom text editor, because there’s an extension available for editing Idris programs, which can be installed directly from the default Atom distribution. This article assumes you have the interactive Idris mode up and running.

Learning Haskell: first class functions

From Get Programming with Haskell by Will Kurt

This article discusses first class functions in Haskell.

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