What is the Jamstack and What Can It Do for You?

The Jamstack is more of an architecture or methodology for building web applications than a prescriptive stack of technologies. Jamstack was formed in response to dynamic web page development that many felt had become cumbersome, slow and insecure. The Jamstack architecture offers a number of benefits including page speed, security and cost.

Design and Develop

Six questions for Paul McFedries, author of Web Design Playground: HTML and CSS the Interactive Way

Paul McFedries is a web designer, instructor, and the author of more than 100 books. You can find him all over the internet, including his own website.

Free eBook: Back to Simple CSS


Chapters selected by Ben Farrell

Building your First Web Component

From Web Components in Action by Ben Farrell

This article walks you through the creation of your first web component.

Powered by Service Workers: how PWAs work their magic

From Progressive Web Apps by Dean Hume

In this article, we are going to learn about what makes a web app “progressive” and how you can unlock the powerful functionality that already lies within your browser. We will also delve into “Service Workers” – the new feature that makes PWAs possible in the first place.

Making Blazing-Fast Websites


From Web Performance in Action

By Jeremy Wagner

Building Better Websites by Caching Assets

From Web Performance in Action by Jeremy Wagner

In this article, we’ll learn what caching is, how to develop a caching strategy that’ll provide the best performance for your website, as well as how to invalidate cached assets when you update your website’s content. Let’s begin by learning how caching works.

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