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Creating your Own Web Components


From Web Components in Action
By Ben Farrell

The Semantic Blueprint

By Jim Jackson II and Ian Gilman
HTML is, very simply, the tags that surround content delivered to you in your browser. It has gone through several iterations, the latest being HTML 5. This article based on chapter 2 of HTML5 for .NET Developers explains how semantic HTML can make your content more accessible and versatile.

The Semantic Blueprint (PDF)

Introducing Canvas

By Jim Jackson II and Ian Gilman
The speed of graphics manipulation and code execution in modern browsers has opened up new doors to those intrepid souls who have started developing games using the HTML5 canvas. This article based on chapter 5 of HTML5 for .NET Developers Developers explains the basic drawing process in canvas.

Introducing Canvas (PDF)

An MVC 3 Application in Action

By Jim Jackson II and Ian Gilman
This article based on chapter 4 of HTML5 for .NET Developers shows you some important MVC framework features that are relevant to HTML application builders.

An MVC 3 Application in Action (PDF)

The HTML doctype

This article is taken from the book Hello! HTML5 and CSS3. The author Rob Crowther discusses doctype, which HTML5 doesn’t need for validation but still needs to be triggered for legacy browsers to render pages in standards-compliant mode. The HTML… Continue Reading →

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