Aunt Maria’s Serverless Pizzeria

From Serverless Applications with Node js by Slobodan Stojanović and Aleksandar Simović

This article, excerpted from Serverless Apps with Node and Claudia.js, explores building a back-end app and API to process and store orders for aunt Maria’s pizzeria.

Understanding Chatbot Creation


Become a Successful Node Developer


By PJ Evans

Get off the Ground and Running with Node.js


By Jonathan Wexler

Streamlining Serverless Deployments

By Slobodan Stojanović and Aleksandar Simović

Planning a MEAN stack application

From Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node, Second Edition by Simon Holmes

This article is a guide to planning a practical application on the MEAN stack.

Testing Node Applications

From Node.js in Action, Second Edition by Mike Cantelon, et al.

In this article, you’ll learn about some functional testing solutions for Node, and about setting up test environments based on your own requirements.

Create Amazing Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

By Paul Jensen

Prototyping a la Node with Express

By Pam Selle

This video is Pam Selle’s presentation at the Powered by JavaScript 2015 conference

The Difference between Traditional Web Apps and Desktop Apps Built with NW.js

From Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
The difference between traditional web apps and desktop apps built with NW.js is that where there the code for the interface and the business logic in a web app are in separate places and share no state or context, in NW.js not only do they run in one place, but they also share state and context.

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