Training an SVM model in R with mlr

Hefin I. Rhys teaches you how to train, tune, and cross-validate a Support Vector Machine model using RStudio and the awesome mlr machine learning package.

Getting started with graphs

From R in Action, Third Edition by Robert Kabacoff

This article dicusses graphs and graphic using the ggplot2 package

Free eBook: Exploring Machine learning with R and mlr


Chapters selected by Hefin Ioan Rhys

Exploring Data with R: get started today!

From Exploring Data with R by Richard Iannone

Handling Data with R

From Practical Data Science with R, 2nd Ed. By Nina Zumel and John Mount

In this article, we demonstrate some ways to get to know your data, and discuss some of the potential issues that you’re looking for as you explore.

A Practice-Oriented Approach to Data Science


From Practical Data Science with R, Second Edition
By Nina Zumel and John Mount

Specifying Data Type in R

From Beyond Spreadsheets with R
By Dr. Jonathan Carroll

Exploring Data Science


Chapters selected by John Mount and Nina Zumel

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