Reactive in Java Made Easy with Vert.x

In this video, Julien Ponge takes a deep dive into Vert.x core APIs, reactive SQL client, chaos engineering and resilience of HTTP client, as well as real-time web apps.

The Monad Type Class and it’s Combinators

From Functional Programming in Kotlin by Marco Vermeulen, Rúnar Bjarnason, and Paul Chiusano

This article covers how monads, monad combinators, and functors work and why you should be afraid of them.

Choosing from multiple beans in the context

From Spring Quickly by Laurentiu Spilca

In this article, we discuss the scenario in which Spring needs to inject a value into a parameter or class field but has multiple beans of the same type to choose from.

Interview with Brian Goetz

Brian Goetz is one of the leading figures in the Java world. As Java Language Architect at Oracle, he helps steer the direction of the language’s evolution and its supporting libraries. He has led the language through several important modernizations, including Project Lambda.  Brian has a long career in software engineering and is the author of the best-selling book “Java Concurrency in Practice.” (Addison-Wesley, 2006)

How Does OAuth 2 Work?

From Spring Security in Action by Laurentiu Spilca In this article, we discuss the components which act in an OAuth 2 authentication implementation. You need to know these components and the role they play in order to properly implement them…. Continue Reading →

Get up and running with Spring

From Spring Quickly by Laurentiu Spilca

Becoming a Spring master

From Spring in Action, 6th Edition by Craig Walls

Sharpen your Java and compsci skills

From Classic Computer Science Problems in Java by David Kopec

What is Functional Programming?

From Functional Programming in Kotlin by Marco Vermeulen

This article discusses what functional programming is (and is not), using Kotlin for examples.

Introducing Mock Frameworks

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article discusses widely-used mock frameworks such as EasyMock, JMock, and Mockito.

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