Newly-Introduced JUnit 5 Annotations and Classes

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article discusses some of the most important new additions in Junit 5.


Securing Your Spring Applications

From Spring Security in Action by Laurentiu Spilca

The Guide to Microservices with Spring

From Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition by John Carnell & Illary Huaylupo Sánchez

All about Hadamard Gates

From Quantum Computing for Developers by Johan Vos

This article discusses The Hadamard Gate: what it is, what it has to do with quantum computing, and how to create a simple quantum applications with a Hadamard Gate and some Java code

Learn to Write Better Kotlin Code

From Functional Programming in Kotlin by Marco Vermeulen, Rúnar Bjarnason, and Paul Chiusano

JUnit 5 Architecture

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article dives into JUnit 5’s architecture.

Consuming records with Spark

From Spark in Action, Second Edition by Jean Georges Perrin

This article explores consuming records in files with Spark.

The Go-to Reference for Java Testing

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Cătălin Tudose, Petar Tahchiev, Felipe Leme, Vincent Massol, and Gary Gregory

Verticles: the basic processing units of Vert.x

From Vert.x in Action by Julien Ponge

This article talks about what verticles are and delves a bit into how they work and how to write them.

Using Option in Scala, Part 3: for-comprehension

From Get Programming with Scala by Daniela Sfregola

The final part of the article series digs into using “for-comprehension” to chain optional values together.

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