Securing Spring

From Spring in Action, Fifth Edition by Craig Walls

Security is essential to development, and it’s better to treat it as a concern rather than as a feature or add-on. This article, taken from chapter 4 of Spring in Action, Fifth Edition, discusses securing Spring.

Using Apache Spark with Java


By Jean Georges Perrin

Free eBook: Exploring Microservice Development


Chapters selected by John Carnell

Mastering Kotlin


By Pierre-Yves Saumont

Getting Started with Spring using Spring Initializr

From Spring in Action, Fifth Edition by Craig Walls

Whether you’re developing a simple database-backed web application or constructing a modern application built around microservices, Spring is the framework that will help you achieve your goals. This article, adapted from chapter 1 of Spring in Action, Fifth Edition, is your first step in a journey through modern application development with Spring.

Getting Started with Scala


By Daniela Sfregola

The Definitive Guide to Spring


By Craig Walls

Creating and Using an Observable with RxJava

By Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco, and Alan Mycroft

The Guide to Testing Microservices in Java


By Alex Soto Bueno, Jason Porter and Andy Gumbrecht

When Bad Things Happen: client resiliency patterns with Spring Cloud and Netflix Hystrix

From Spring Microservices in Action by John Carnell

This article discusses client-side resiliency patterns intended to help make your app more robust and resistant to failure.

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