Designing Scalable JavaScript Applications


Chapters selected by Emmit Scott

Reactive Fundamentals: Thinking in Streams

By Paul P. Daniels and Luis Atencio

This article was excerpted from the book RxJS in Action.

What is Functional Programming?

By Luis Atencio
Functional programming is a software development style with emphasis on the use functions. It requires you to think a bit differently about how to approach tasks you are facing. In this article, based on the book Functional Programming in JavaScript, I will introduce you to the topic of functional programming.

What is Functional Programming? (PDF)

Express.js: How to version your API

By Evan Hahn
What if you decide down the road that you want to update your API without having all of the people who use your API have to update their code? In this article, excerpted from Express in Action, I’ll talk about versioning your API.

Express.js: How to version your API (PDF)

Optimizing xy data selection with quadtrees

By Elijah Meeks

The following excerpt is from D3.js in Action‘s chapter on Big Data Visualization. This chapter focuses on techniques for using D3 to represent thousands of points of data rather than the dozens or hundreds typically seen in D3 examples. One of those techniques is to leverage D3’s quadtree search function to improve spatial search, which this excerpt explores in detail.

Optimizing xy data selection with quadtrees (PDF)

Cross-Browser Implementation Strategies

By John Resig and Bear Bibeault
Coding for multiple browsers certainly is not a trivial task and one that must be balanced according to the development methodologies that you have in place, as well as the resources available to your project. In this article based on chapter 11 of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, the authors show you how to tackle crossbrowser issues the smart way.

Cross-Browser Implementation Strategies (PDF)

Welcome to CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is JavaScript with non-essential syntax removed to give more simplicity and clarity to your code. In this article, based on chapter 2 of CoffeeScript in Action, author Patrick Lee shows you the basic CoffeeScript syntax and how it compares to JavaScript.

Welcome to CoffeeScript (PDF)

How Closures Work

By John Resig and Bear Bibeault
Closures are one of the defining features of JavaScript. Without them, JavaScript would likely be another hum-drum scripting experience, but, since that’s not the case, the landscape of the language is forever shaped by their inclusion. In this article based on chapter 4 of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, the authors explain how closures work.

How Closures Work (PDF)

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