From Peer-to-Peer Web Applications by Steven Platt

Learn to create modern peer-to-peer web apps that protect privacy and give users control over their own data.


Unlock the potential of Web3 and build decentralized applications with Peer-to-Peer Web Applications. This book dives into the next generation of the internet, where users regain control and reap the benefits instead of relying on corporations.


Figure 1 Web3 is inclusive of applications, services, infrastructures, and further mechanics that are internet connected; so long as they support verifiable self-sovereign identity and are peer-to-peer in nature.


Web3 applications run entirely on user devices, providing increased privacy and eliminating the need for centralized servers that monetize user data. With the skills learned from this book, readers can design and develop JavaScript applications that operate client-side, communicate peer-to-peer, and utilize cryptography for authentication and data ownership.

Through the step-by-step development of “Code Radio,” a music streaming service, readers will learn how to create web client applications that connect directly to other clients, establishing a decentralized network. You’ll enhance the app with client-side storage, peer-to-peer connections, and employ PublicKey and Zero-Knowledge cryptography for secure authentication and updates.

The book goes beyond the basics, delving into blockchain integration. Explore different blockchain offerings and implement a payment feature, comparing their ecosystems and workflows. By the end, you’ll have a fully functional, commercial-grade application with a polished user experience, free from centralized servers.

This book empowers you to harness the power of Web3, enabling you to build decentralized applications that prioritize user control and privacy. With the knowledge you gain throughout, you’ll be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, creating applications that redefine the way users interact with the internet.


Who is this book for?


Our guide, Peer-to-Peer Web Applications, is perfect for web developers well-versed in JavaScript and keen to apply those skills to Web3, the next evolution of the internet. Prior experience with deploying Web2 applications on cloud platforms such as AWS, alongside a basic understanding of blockchain technology and smart contracts, will significantly enhance your learning experience. This book adopts a unique approach by emphasizing a peer-to-peer Web3 application architecture, viewing blockchain as an optional tool to be employed only when necessary.

This groundbreaking perspective allows the reader to explore a wider array of application possibilities in Web3. You will navigate through six application layers – networking, compute, storage, authentication, payments, and user interface – to construct a client-side, peer-to-peer music streaming application. Your Web3 journey culminates in adding blockchain-specific advantages to this application. Whether you’re in pursuit of a fresh perspective or keen on exploring new possibilities in Web3, this book is your companion. Welcome to Web3!

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