From “Looks Good to Me”: Constructive code reviews by Adrienne Braganza

Looks Good to Me: Constructive code reviews is an innovative and comprehensive guide offering actionable advice for crafting constructive code reviews. This avant-garde resource has been specifically designed to cater to software developers and engineering managers with an eye toward strengthening their code review practices.

The Problem & Solution

It has been well-acknowledged within the industry that while code reviews are crucial, there’s often a pervasive sense of dread associated with them. Intriguingly, our book discerns that most of this apprehension arises from the human aspect of the process, rather than the technical tools or machinery involved.

Looks Good to Me seeks to elevate code reviews from the realm of bare minimums to an expertly crafted process that fits the team’s unique needs. Go beyond the customary checklists and critiques often associated with code reviews, and aspire to enrich your team’s applications and improve team dynamics through effective code reviews.

The core ethos of effective code review is approaching review from a human-centric methodology of promoting team happiness and encouraging collaborative processes. The goal of a well-operating team and review process is to ensure code reviews are constructive, focusing on the code rather than the coder. Looks Good to Me guides teams to collectively design their standards and procedures, thus fostering an environment conducive to high-quality code and effective review practices.


Key Lessons

  • Understand the benefits and processes of a code review
  • Develop an unbiased code review practice
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of reviewees, reviewers, and team leaders/managers
  • Establish practical guidelines and protocols
  • Automate code quality checks through linting
  • Craft meaningful comments
  • Integrate reviews with pair programming, mob programming, and developer rotations


Who is this book for?

Looks Good to Me is not just a book; it is an all-encompassing guide to code reviews. Whether you are contemplating enhancing your practices, introducing a new review system, or are completely unacquainted with reviewing code, our book can adapt to your needs. Each chapter presents various solutions, relatable scenarios, and insightful snippets alongside easy-to-implement templates to promptly apply your newfound knowledge. No matter your level, the lessons within this book will guide you to a more productive and collaborative relationship with code review.


About The Author

Adrienne Braganza

Adrienne Braganza is a seasoned software engineer, keynote speaker, LinkedIn Learning Instructor with more than 65,000 course students, and the bestselling author of Coding for Kids: Python. With over 10 years of experience refining her empathetic approach to code reviews, Braganza offers comprehensive coverage of every stage of the process, from choosing a system to managing reviews effectively for all stakeholders.

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